Computer science & IT engineering: Introduction, Course, Scope and Career

What are computer science and Information Technology?
Computer science engineering and information technology engineering is the study of:

·      Application of principles of Computer Science and information technology.
·      Application of science to implement small cables to computer, laptop, websites and Android phone application.
·      It deals with Complex problems and its automated Software Solution.
·      Develop mobile application development and website development for business to business and business to customer communication.
·      Design of Android application, iPhone application, website and networking.
·      It is the heart of all modern electronic devices, like tiny computers inside washing machines to thousands of crores in super computers.
·      Internet has changed all aspects of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we do business and its continuously changing.
·      Computer education is still in its first phase in India and many countries. It will grow exponential in the next decade.
·      Study of programming language.
·      Study of multimedia, animation, games development and entertainment devices.
·      Study of hardware and networking.
·      Application of computing in engineering.

What will you study in computer science engineering and Information technology engineering?
An operating system is software programming that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.
         It is an essential component of the system software in a computer system.

A DBMS is a collection of programs that enables you to store, modify and extract information from a database. Like, library management system, ATM.

It covers facilitate communication via Email, video conferencing, instant messaging, enables multiple users to share a single hardware device like printer or scanner.
           It also covers all networks.

It deals with all programming languages like, programming in C++, Core Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, perl, Advanced Java,, ASP.NET.

It deals with the topic for wireless communication, working of GSM, working of GPRS, Bluetooth, satellite communication, security, seamless connection.

Why computer science engineering and Information technology engineering
·      Due to Rapid growth of computer, laptop, Smart phones and innovative Technologies.

·      Computer and Information Technology Engineering have become one of the fastest growing segment and sector of world's economy.

·      Computer engineering and Information Technology Sector becomes a parameter of innovative technology.

·      Though numbers of innovations have taken place in computer engineering and Information Technology Sector, the process of innovation and research is continuous and makes the computer engineering and information technology all favourite.

·      It is the heart of all Industries where technology is required.

·      Technology involvement is still in its initial phase in India and many countries; it will grow more in next upcoming years.

Who should select computer science engineering and Information technology engineering as a career?
Those who have Desire of having:
·      Aptitude and common reasoning skills.
·      Creativity and thinking skill.
·      Their work attitude and mindset for hard work.
·      Development and design of new technology.
·      Designing skills.
·      Ways to improve problem solving skills.
·      Who likes working with computers.
·      Who can work in metro cities of India.
·      Who are interested in gaming.
·      Who have well built analytics, logical and reasoning skills

Does computer science engineering and Information technology engineering have any scope after four years?
·      Yes, it has a scope of employment, entrepreneurship and further study.

·      It is a core branch of innovative technology, so future growth is very excellent.

·      Government is focusing on entrepreneurship and more number of companies is coming up in Technology Sector.

·      Irrespective of core computer engineering and information technology company, all the industries( it may be Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra) requires computer and information technology engineers.

·      Strong job opportunities are available in the sector like design and development, testing, animation, networking, web development mobile app development, iPhone application development, marketing hardware development etc.

·      Girls can also work in all fields of computer and Information Technology Engineering.

·      Giant companies hiring computer and information technology engineers are TCS, Infosys Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Apple, Dell, IBM, IGATE, Inte, Adobe, HP, HCL, BSNL, SIS, Xerox, etc.

In addition to the above strengths and scope for computer engineering and information technology, few Threats are also there which one should consider while selecting computer engineering and information technology as a study option.

Number of seats for computer engineering are about 6090 that provides better opportunities in prominent it Industries like Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant, etc.

Number of seats for information technology is about 3555, which shows less competition and higher demand in multinational companies.

For better growth students should be ready to work at remote places and relocation process.

What is the difference between computer science engineering, computer engineering and Information technology engineering?
·      CE is more focused towards computer system troubleshooting, hardware and software engineering comma Microprocessor and Microcontroller whereas Information Technology describes the study of artificial intelligence, management information system (MIS), decision support system (DSS) and information behaviour science, organising structures, operating results and computer oriented numerical methods.

·      CE and CSE are two name of same branch. They have 42 common subjects from 47 total subjects. CSE is more specific on application development.

·      CSE and IT have difference of 11 subjects from 47. Some subjects of CSE like design and analysis of algorithms, compiler design and theory of computation etc are not covered in IT.

·      From industry point of view CE, CSE and IT are same.


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