Automobile engineering: Introduction, Course, Scope and Career

What is automobile engineering?
Automobile engineering is the study of:

·      Application of principles of Engineering, Physics, ergonomics and Material Sciences.

·      Application of science to produce automobiles and it engine and its parts.

·      Translation of theoretical research into practical solutions.

·      How energy and mass transfer takes place in automobiles and its operations.

·      Mechanism behind working of engines and its parts.

·      Design of automobiles and engines.

·      Selection of metals and materials.

·      Study of ergonomics and its design.

·      Study of energy, March, machines, materials designs and thermal kinetics.

·      Application of mathematics in engineering.

What will you study in automobile engineering?
You will be studying following major subjects under automobile engineering:

It deals with the introduction of the engines, its types, different engine systems, fuels, current and future power trains etc.

·      Automobile systems:
It deals with various systems of automobile like - transmission system, suspension system, steering system, Braking System, etc.

·      Material science:
It deals with the properties and selection criteria characteristics of different type of materials for automotive vehicles.

Modes of heat transfer, different types of radiators and their design, types of cooling systems will be studied under the subject.

It deals with the maintenance of vehicle automobile systems and different garage practices and service stations, etc

It covers the various aspects component design, system design and the parameters and factors automobile related to designing.

It deals with construction and design of bodies of car, bus and commercial vehicles. It also deals with safety requirements of Automotive vehicles.

It deals with longitudinal and Lateral dynamics of the vehicle. It also deals with performance of vehicle including breaking, cornering and acceleration.

These subjects deals with design working and maintenance of  two and three wheelers, off road machinery, haulage trucks etc

·      Automobile electrical and electronics systems:
It deals with various electrical and electronics systems like vehicle starting systems, battery charging systems, lighting systems, CRDI-MPFI charging system, ECU, ECM, etc.

Why automobile engineering?
·      Automobile engineering is one of the largest, broadest and evergreen branches and automobile are the fastest transportation specialised engineering since long, developing sectors and contributing a lot to the GDP of countries.

·      Due to Rapid development in automation, innovation, design etc, Automobile Engineering has become one of the fastest growing segments of world's economy.

·      Though Number of innovations has taken place in automobile innovations and research is continuous and makes automobile engineering, the process engineering and all time attractive branch.

·      Enhances safety, economic vitality, enjoyment and overall quality of life.

Who should select automobile engineering as a career?
Those who have desires of :
·      learning mathematics and designing skill.

·      Complex problem solving.

·      Sciences and its correlation with automobile operations and design.

·      Mechanism of operations.

·      Development and design of new segments of automobiles.

·      To work with cutting edge Technology.

·      Ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of automobiles machines and equipment.

·      How to work on shop floor, in workshop and carriages.

·      Vehicle maintenance and repairs.

·      How to work with time management and flexibility in terms of time and location.

·      Inquisitive skills.

·      Creativity and thinking skills.

·      Teamwork attitude and mindset for hard work.

·      How to work in shift time girls can also opt for an automobile engineering is there is a scope for them to work in project, consultancy and design team.

Does automobile engineering have any scope after four years?
·      Yes, it has a scope of employment, enterpreneurship and further study.

·      Government is focusing on enterpreneurship and more number of companies are coming up in automobile sector.

·      It is a specialised and production and maintenance oriented branch. Hence, very few external factors can affect its growth.

·      Irrespective of core automobile company, all the industries ( it may be SMEs, SSI, LSI or MSI) involved in manufacturing engineering of parts of vehicle and hence require Automobile Engineer.

·      Giant companies hiring automobile engineers are Tata, Hero, Honda, Maruti Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Mahindra, etc.


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